PoC is a quick, reliable method to check product/service feasibility before actual implementation. It is a cost effective way to drive business decisions with solutions validated by data & agility. During engagement with IT Innovation India, we deep dive into the client's use case, analyze goals, choose the possible state-of-the-art methods and algorithms. We also assess whether the data client is currently collecting is sufficient to create a robust and effective solution.

At the completion of PoC client will receive:

Feasibility Report

To Get Knowledge of Future Possibilities

Trained Model

To Reproduce the Results in Real Environment

Visualization of PoC Results

Self Explanatory Report with Clear View of the Result

Set of Recommendation

Tips/Suggestions of what should be the Next Step

Key Activity

Use Case Deep Dive

A profound understanding of a problem statement is necessary to figure out how to apply AI solutions.

Data exploration and preparation

The exploration and understanding of the provided data are crucial to select the algorithms that fit the most.


We test and evaluate various AI solutions to choose the most suitable model to your goal and data.

Final report

The last step is about creating a final report, recommendations and visualizations. PoC delivery will include all the documentation & the code.


Kick Off


Data Preparation & Modelling Iterations

Summary Report & Recommendations

Demo & Next Step

Key Features

Value Chain

We deliver solutions co-created with our client considering the end user perspective.


We review production cycles in short intervals for quick and appropriate decisions taking the client's voice into account.


We remove waste on client's projects, on account of building-measure-learn processes and using validated learning for effective results.

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