In the constantly changing IT industry, research and development is one of the crucial factors of success in the market. IT innovation India has set up technical lab to facilitate efficient research and development for our clients. We are delighted to share it with our clients to support them to stay ahead of the competition.

IT Innovation India offers Research & Development with our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Pattern recognition &
image analysis

Natural language
processing (NLP)

Data mining &
ETL Data visualization

Core expertise

IT Innovation India's dedicated team is ready to help clients with new initiatives & well prepared to support for R&D procedures.

Technical Research

Feasibility Studies

Industrial Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Our R&D professionals constantly explore emerging needs and trends, and create innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness and strengthen our client’s position in the market.

Dedicated Labs for Clients

Our team of domain experts and R&D professionals works in innovative, multidisciplinary environment applying accumulated knowledge to R&D initiatives.

  • Top talent data scientists who graduated from leading universities in India
  • Access to leading technical surveys & discussion groups in the domain of artificial intelligence
  • 5+ years of experience in R&D & AI implementation
  • Labs dedicated for R&D

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