IT Innovation's rich experience in IT consulting over 20 years is now resulting in leveraging new technologies. In rapidly changing business requirements, co-creating AI based solutions along with clients is a key contributor for mutual growth. It is important to analyze the need of implementing new solutions, mapping it with company vision & culture. IT Innovation India plays a crucial role in shaping total solutions with practical know how & technical skills.

Research & Development

One of the key success factors is to conduct technical research. In this world where technology is emerging every day, we cover the latest technology trends using global networks. Depending on client requirements, we carry out research in the specific area & technology. Our research reports give deep insights to clients on global trends as well as clear guidance to the business goal.


There is big risk as well as huge budget involved while developing a new solution using the latest technologies. Hence it is recommended to conduct a feasibility test in advance to avoid misspend. IT Innovation provides secured labs that enable clients to experiment based on real scenarios & data. Our expert team will support to achieve quick & precise PoC results. These findings will lead to confident decision making.


Data often influences results, so data preparation and data accuracy are as important as model building. Internally built annotation platform & tools are developed by talented engineers having knowledge of AI model building. Skills & experience of such resources ensures successful & speedy delivery. ITI offers an annotation service to make sure clients use accurate data for precise results.

Technical Portfolio



Anomaly detection, RUL (Remaining useful life), Predictive maintenance

Retail and E-commerce

Product recommendation, Product clustering and retrieval, Review and opinion management


Pedestrian, Vehicle, Signal, Sign, Lane, Detection

Precision farming

Produce grading and Sorting, Yield Prediction, Weed and pest control


Business analysis, Financial intelligence



Supervised modeling(Classification, Regression), Unsupervised modeling (Clustering)

  • Support Vector Machine
  • Nalve
  • Linear Regression
  • Ensemble Methods
  • K-Means & Map Reduce
  • Gaussian Mixture
  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Nearest Neighbor
  • SVR, RVR,
  • Decision
  • K Nearest Neighbors
  • Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  • Neural

Data Pre Processing

Dimensionality Reduction

  • Variable Identifiers
  • Unvariate Analytics
    Bi-Variate Analytics
  • Missing Values Treatment
    Outlier Treatment

Feature Extractors

  • PCA,
  • Discriminant
    Analysis, LDA
  • Forward Selection
  • RIDGE/
  • Neural
  • BAckward Elimination



Databases (SQL, etc.) Hadoop

File I/O

Text, Spreadsheet, XML

Web Sources

JSON, HTML, Data Feeds

Sensory I/O

Image, Audio, Video

Real Time Sources

Sensors (Industrial, IoT, Mediacal.etc), GPS




Our R&D lab is specially designed for experimenting solutions with emerging technologies. We provide infrastructure to match client's requirements related to Research & PoC.
We have a team of experienced data scientists, researchers & AI engineers to support clients while testing the solutions at IT Innovation R&D Lab. We provide scalable & skilled resources to support creating the best technology solution for organizations.

Lab Facilities

Our lab are equipped with following facilities

Multiple access control

Cloud based data secured environment

Full-stack network setup & support

Attendance Reporting

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